Non-Attorney Volunteers

Change Lives

Make an impact in our fight for equal access to justice

You don’t need your law license to change the lives of people in your community and help with our mission. CVLS is constantly looking for new ways to utilize non-attorney volunteers to make an even larger impact on the fight for equal access to justice.


We Are In Need Of:



CVLS hosts three events each year to help raise funds so we can continue our mission of providing free legal services to low income residents of Cook County. Volunteers are always needed and appreciated. Duties range from event check-in, to bag check, or even filling cups with water at Race Judicata®. Each of our events are different with their own unique volunteer needs. Please contact Matt Pollock,, if you would like more details on being an event volunteer.


CVLS connects volunteer attorneys with low-income clients who are in need of legal representation which is a linguistically diverse population. Our clients sometimes need interpreters to help communicate with attorneys in depositions, at trial, and in the completion of paperwork. Your language skills could be critical in helping these clients receive essential legal assistance. Please contact Jessica Engle at if you are interested in interpreting.

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