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About 1 in 4 Cook County residents qualify for legal aid today. Studies show that half of those who qualify will have a legal need in a given year. Fewer than half of them will receive help due to lack of resources. Help us change those numbers by taking a case with CVLS and changing the life of one our neighbors in need.

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  • 03 Contract/Warranties
  • 30 Adoption
  • 31 Custody/Visitation
  • 32 Divorce/Sep./Annul.
  • 33 Minor Guardianship / Conservatorship
  • 38 Support
  • 39 Other Family
  • 61 Federally Subsidized Housing
  • 63 Private Landlord/Tenant
  • 82 Mental Health
  • 94 Torts
  • 95 Decedent Estates
  • 96 Estate Planning / Advanced Directives

Case #22-0158950

(Intermediate) DIVORCE-PETITIONER. Spanish-speaking volunteer preferred. PC seeks to divorce husband. The parties were married for 7 years and have 2 minor children who live with AP. The parties have no joint property other than one joint bank account that AP controls. PC wants child support, maintenance, and primary parenting time.

Case #22-0159198

(Intermediate) CHILD SUPPORT & PARENTING TIME. The potential client, a U.S. Army Veteran, seeks to establish a consistent parenting time schedule for his five-year-old daughter. He would also like to be included in significant decision-making for the child. His wife has already filed a petition for child support, and client is willing to pay but …

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Case #22-0159286

(Intermediate) DIVORCE-PETITIONER. Client is a 62-year-old woman who has been married to her husband for over 30 years. The parties have no minor children, but they do own a home together with some equity. Client has endured emotional abuse from husband for years and is finally ready to formally end their relationship. She is seeking …

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Case #22-0159396

Client would like help reviewing her current will and possibly redrafting it in line with her current wishes. Client would also like POAs drafted. This is a great case for someone looking to get experience in drafting probate documents.

Case #22-0159482

(Intermediate) WILLS/TRUSTS – Client would like help updating her will to more accurately reflect her wishes. The document will be fairly detailed and may involve the creation of a simple trust. The client will also need updated powers of attorneys for both healthcare and property. This is a great case for a volunteer looking for …

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Case #22-0159591

(Intermediate) Client is 70 years old and had a Housing Choice Voucher with the Housing Authority of Cook County (“HACC”) for 17 years. In 2020, client’s adult son moved in with her during his house arrest. HACC then attempted to terminate client from program, and her son moved out because he did not want his …

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Case #22-0159629


Case #22-0159814

(Intermediate). ADULT GUARDIANSHIP-PETITIONER. PC has limited English abilities. Spanish-speaking volunteer preferred. PC seeks help with filing for guardianship of the person and estate of her husband. Doctor’s report supports guardianship indicating that husband is incapable of making personal and financial decisions. Only asset in husband’s estate is the home he owns with PC. PC wants …

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Case #22-0159846

This is a Child Rep appointment by Judge Martinez for a 15-year-old boy. The volunteer’s role will be to help the parties negotiate allocation of parental responsibilities and an appropriate parenting time schedule. The minor currently resides with Mother. Both parties are self-represented.

Case #22-0159890

Blurb: This is a Guardian Ad Litem (GAL) appointment by Judge Fernandez for a 13-year-old girl. This is a post-decree divorce case where the parties need to negotiate reunification between Mother and the minor. Both parties are represented, but Mother is represented by a legal aid organization. The minor currently resides with Father. he GAL’s …

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Case #22-0159913

(Advanced) ADULT GAL APPOINTMENT, POST-ADJUDICATION. Spanish-speaking volunteer preferred. Appointed GAL on the Court’s own motion to investigate allegations of abuse by the guardian. Adult Protective Services sent a letter to the Judge that the guardian has been substantiated for physical and emotional abuse and willful deprivation of the Ward. The 21 year old Ward has …

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Case #22-0159988

(Intermediate) ADULT GAL APPOINTMENT, INITIAL PETITION. Pro Se petition filed by son for guardianship of the person and estate of 92 year old father with alzheimer’s and diabetes. They reside together on the south side of Chicago. Another son was given leave to file a cross-petition at the last court date. It appears there is …

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