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About 1 in 4 Cook County residents qualify for legal aid today. Studies show that half of those who qualify will have a legal need in a given year. Fewer than half of them will receive help due to lack of resources. Help us change those numbers by taking a case with CVLS and changing the life of one our neighbors in need.

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  • 31 Custody/Visitation
  • 32 Divorce/Sep./Annul.
  • 38 Support
  • 39 Other Family
  • 63 Private Landlord/Tenant
  • 82 Mental Health
  • 90 Chancery
  • 94 Torts
  • 95 Decedent Estates
  • 96 Estate Planning / Advanced Directives
  • 99 Other Miscellaneous

Case #20-0154805

LANDLORD EVICTION (Simple) Client is an 84 yr old man who needs help evicting non-paying tenants. Tenants stopped paying rent last year, before COVID. Due to the moratorium, he cannot file right now but wants to be ready when the moratorium is lifted.

Case #20-0154810

(Intermediate) CHILD REP. Your clients are teenage sisters, ages 16 and 17. The older child lives with Father, while the younger daughter resides with Mother. Mother is seeking primary care of both girls, while Father seeks only to rehabilitate his relationship with the youngest, who has recently disclosed her sexual identity. Father is represented by …

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Case #20-0154845

(Intermediate) ADULT GAL APPOINTMENT, INITIAL PETITION. Pro Se petition filed by sister for guardianship of the person only of 86 year old sister with dementia. She currently resides, possibly alone, on the southwest side of Chicago. Next Court Date 9/28/2020.

Case #20-0154922

(Intermediate) CHILD REP. This is a GAL appointment for an 8-year-old girl and a 10-year-old boy. Mother alleges abuse by Father against herself and the minors. Father currently has parenting time three days a week by video call. The GAL is to look into allegations of abuse and form a recommendation as to the mode …

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Case #20-0154938

(Intermediate) CHILD REP. Your clients are a 10-year-old girl and 14-year-old boy. The children have been living with Father for the past five years due to Mother’s severe alcohol abuse. Mother’s parenting time has been supervised but she is now alleging that she is sober and able to exercise unsupervised time. Both parents are represented …

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Case #20-0154942

(Simple) ESTATE PLANNING. No court required. PC would like to get her estate plan in order, including a Will and Powers of Attorney. PC has limited assets and would like to be cremated.

Case #20-0154964

(Intermediate) PROTECTING CHILDREN/CUSTODY. Client needs legal assistance to bring her two young children back to the US from Ghana. She did not have a custody agreement when she divorced from Father. In Fall of 2019, the children were living with Client’s mother in Ghana. Father agreed to bring the children back with him to the …

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Case #20-0154978

(Simple) CHILD REP. This is a Child Representative appointment for a nine-year-old girl. The child lives with Mother and sees Father on an irregular basis. Father is seeking to establish a consistent parenting time schedule that meshes with his work schedule. Both parties are self-represented. All court dates are currently being held remotely via Zoom.

Case #20-0155018

(Simple) ADULT GAL APPOINTMENT, INITIAL PETITION. Pro Se petition filed by mother for guardianship of the person only of 18 year old son with autism. They reside together in Hanover Park, IL. Next Court Date 10/27/2020.

Case #20-0155028

(Intermediate) CHILD REP. The child in this case is a five-year-old boy. Father recently filed an emergency petition, alleging that Mother was restricting his parenting time and failing to care for the child. His petition was granted, and the parties now have 50/50 parenting time. Each parent, however, is seeking majority time. The parties are …

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Case #20-0155047

(Intermediate) ADULT GAL APPOINTMENT, POST-ADJUDICATION. Spanish speaking GAL preferred. Post-adjudication GAL appointment on the Court’s own motion to investigate concerns raised by the Guardian’s filed Annual Report on Ward. The guardian has concerns about her guardianship in the current COVID-19 pandemic. The 23 year old Ward has autism and ADHD and resides with the Guardian …

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Case #20-0155050

(Simple) CHILD REP. This is a Child Representative appointment for a six-year-old boy whose mother died in October of sickle cell disease. Father filed for and obtained emergency possession of the child who had been living with Maternal Grandmother. The Court now asks a volunteer from CVLS to help the parties reach an agreement regarding …

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