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About 1 in 4 Cook County residents qualify for legal aid today. Studies show that half of those who qualify will have a legal need in a given year. Fewer than half of them will receive help due to lack of resources. Help us change those numbers by taking a case with CVLS and changing the life of one our neighbors in need.

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  • 31 Custody/Visitation
  • 32 Divorce/Sep./Annul.
  • 38 Support
  • 39 Other Family
  • 63 Private Landlord/Tenant
  • 82 Mental Health
  • 90 Chancery
  • 94 Torts
  • 95 Decedent Estates
  • 96 Estate Planning / Advanced Directives
  • 99 Other Miscellaneous

Case #20-0154502

(Intermediate) REPLEVIN – PLAINTIFF Client is suing in Chancery to get his motorcycle back. Client leased a garage informally and allegedly fell behind on some payments. The garage owner is now holding much of his stuff–including a valuable motorcycle–hostage until he gets what he thinks he’s owed.

Case #20-0154516

TORT DEFENSE – PROPERTY DAMAGE / SUBROGATION (Intermediate): Client needs representation in a subrogation lawsuit that stems from an April 2018 automobile accident. Client was driving home from a play late at night with her two kids in the car, going eastbound in Maywood, where she lived at the time. She was uninsured, and after …

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Case #20-0154530

(Intermediate) DECEDENT’S ESTATE. Client’s husband died without a will in May 2020 from respiratory issues arising from COVID-19. Client is Spanish-speaking. She needs assistance transferring title to car and property from husband’s name to her name.

Case #20-0154534

DIVORCE W/ CHILDREN (Intermediate): Client (US Marine Corps Veteran) and his Wife are looking to get divorced. They have one child together (Daughter, age 11) and this will actually be the second time they’re getting divorced—they remarried in June 2018 and then separated just a month later. Daughter lives with Wife, and Client’s only goal …

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Case #20-0154646

LANDLORD EVICTION (Simple) Client wants to evict her month-to-month tenants for non-payment of rent. Tenants moved in in early March, 2020 and have not paid any rent since June. Client understands there is an eviction moratorium in place but wants to be ready to evict tenants when the moratorium lifts.

Case #20-0154649

DECEDENT’S ESTATE (Simple): Client is seeking legal assistance in becoming the administrator of his mother’s estate in order to transfer title to Mother’s home into his Sister and his name. There are also ten shares of MetLife stock that need to be distributed. Mother passed away on 8/7/17, had been divorced for decades, did not …

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Case #20-0154651

(Intermediate) CHILD SUPPORT. Client wants court order for A/P to make child support payments for two minor children ages 3 and 6. Client also seeks parenting time order and full decision-making authority.

Case #20-0154700

SMALL ESTATE AFFIDAVIT (Simple): Client, who is 80 years old and lives out of state, needs assistance assembling and submitting a small estate affidavit for her deceased brother’s estate. Brother died in July and only had a 2003 Chevy Malibu and small checking account in his name.

Case #20-0154734

TORT DEFENSE (Simple) Client gave her car to her careless brother-in-law, who then got into a car accident (his fault). The title to the car was transferred, but it was never registered. The other driver’s insurance company is now suing him and Client (through negligent entrustment theory) in small claims court. Goal is to get …

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Case #20-0154740

(Intermediate) CHILD REP. The child in this pre-decree divorce case is a five-year-old boy. He lives with his mother and has not had contact with his father for six months. Father was indicated by DCFS in March 2020 and is facing serious criminal charges for sexual abuse to Mother’s teenage daughters. Father is now seeking …

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Case #20-0154745

(Intermediate) CHILD REP. This is a GAL appointment for a four-year-old boy who lives with Mother. There is an Order of Protection protecting the child and Mother from Father due to allegations of physical violence. Father is also facing criminal charges based on the allegations underlying the OP. His parenting time is currently supervised, but …

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Case #20-0154746

(Advanced) DIVORCE-PETITIONER. Spanish-speaking attorney preferred. Client seeks divorce from husband. Two minor children, one with special needs. No joint property. Client has plenary criminal OP against AP.

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