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About 1 in 4 Cook County residents qualify for legal aid today. Studies show that half of those who qualify will have a legal need in a given year. Fewer than half of them will receive help due to lack of resources. Help us change those numbers by taking a case with CVLS and changing the life of one our neighbors in need.

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  • 01 Bankruptcy/Debtor Relief
  • 03 Contract/Warranties
  • 31 Custody/Visitation
  • 32 Divorce/Sep./Annul.
  • 33 Minor Guardianship / Conservatorship
  • 36 Paternity
  • 39 Other Family
  • 61 Federally Subsidized Housing
  • 63 Private Landlord/Tenant
  • 82 Mental Health
  • 94 Torts
  • 95 Decedent Estates
  • 96 Estate Planning / Advanced Directives

Case #23-0161733

(Simple) PARENTAGE & CHILD SUPPORT. Client is a U.S. Army Veteran and the single mother of a two-month baby boy. Client is seeking to establish parentage, obtain primary decision-making responsibilities, and pursue child support from the child’s biological father.

Case #23-0162367

CVLS is appointed by the Domestic Relations Court, in low income cases, as a Child Representative or Guardian ad Litem (GAL) for the purpose of representing a child’s best interests. Your client is a child whose parents are engaged in a contested Allocation (custody/parenting time) or Divorce case, whether pre- or post-decree. Pro bono attorneys […]

Case #23-0162657

(Simple) ADULT GUARDIANSHIP – PETITIONER. Client seeks guardianship of 32-year-old adult daughter with traumatic brain injury following serious car accident.

Case #23-0162678

(Intermediate) LL-TENANT SUIT FOR DAMAGES. Potential client (PC) seeks assistance suing her former property management company after they illegally entered her unit and disposed of all of her belongings, including high-value items like her furniture, three televisions, two computers, and jewelry that she planned to pass down to her children, as well as her social […]

Case #23-0162819

(Intermediate) Chapter 7 Bankruptcy—Client is seeking assistance with a Chapter 7 bankruptcy after she was involved in and held responsible for a motor vehicle accident while uninsured. She now wishes to file for bankruptcy to reinstate her driver’s license.

Case #23-0162847

(Intermediate) ESTATE PLANNING—Client is seeking assistance to draft a will. She wishes to leave her main asset, a home, to her children and grandchildren upon her death. However, although she has amicable relations with her husband, she does plan to file for divorce in the near future and should be reminded of the implication on […]

Case #23-0163372

(Intermediate) CHAPTER 7 BANKRUPTCY-Client is seeking assistance with a bankruptcy after having struggled to make ends meet as a result of two layoffs throughout the Pandemic. She is now working again, and although expenses are high, her income has been slowly increasing.

Case #23-0163514

(Advanced) TORT DEFENSE—Client seeks an attorney to defend her against a lawsuit by the Chicago Transit Authority for a bus crash she had no involvement in. Client’s friend, who did participate in the crash, gave police client’s information and client is now being blamed for reckless driving she did not commit. Case is in early […]

Case #23-0163737

(Simple) ESTATE PLANNING— Client, a U.S Army Veteran, is seeking assistance to establish an estate plan, so that his property and assets pass onto his children and fiancé.

Case #23-0163830

(Intermediate) DIVORCE. PC speaks Spanish only, but her adult son is available for translation assistance. PC seeks help with divorcing her husband (AP). The parties were married in1996 in Mexico. They separated in 2015 in Chicago, IL. Two children were born to the parties, and are now emancipated. The parties have joint property and debts […]

Case #23-0163882

(Intermediate) ESTATE PLANNING. Client and her mother owned a property in joint tenancy. Client’s mother died in 2016, and client seeks to ensure that title is in her name only. Client was recently diagnosed with cancer and would like an attorney to assist her in creating a mechanism to leave the property to her two […]

Case #23-0163899

(Intermediate) ADULT GAL APPOINTMENT, INITIAL PETITION. Pro Se Petition filed by daughter for guardianship of the person only of 63 year old mother with schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. She resides, possibly alone, on the south side of Chicago. Next Court Date 11/16/2023.

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