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About 1 in 4 Cook County residents qualify for legal aid today. Studies show that half of those who qualify will have a legal need in a given year. Fewer than half of them will receive help due to lack of resources. Help us change those numbers by taking a case with CVLS and changing the life of one our neighbors in need.

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  • 03 Contract/Warranties
  • 30 Adoption
  • 31 Custody/Visitation
  • 32 Divorce/Sep./Annul.
  • 39 Other Family
  • 62 Homeownership/Real Property (Not Foreclosure)
  • 63 Private Landlord/Tenant
  • 82 Mental Health
  • 95 Decedent Estates
  • 96 Estate Planning / Advanced Directives

Case #19-0150940

(Simple) CHILD REP. The child in this case is 13 years old. This began as a Petition for Order of Protection (OP) filed by Mother after Father hit the child in the face and broke her glasses. The OP has since expired, the DCFS investigation was concluded as unfounded, and Father’s parenting time is now …

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Case #19-0151806

(Intermediate) DIVORCE – PETITIONER. Client seeks divorce from husband. Couple has four children. Client seeks primary decision-making, child support, and spousal support.

Case #19-0151879

Intermediate) DIVORCE-PETITIONER. Client seeks divorce from husband after nearly 20-year marriage. Parties share one minor child, no shared assets, joint medical debt related to care necessary for the minor child. Client seeks joint decision-making and child support only.

Case #19-0152895

(Intermediate) ALLOCATION OF PARENTAL RESPONSIBILITIES Client (USMC Veteran) wants assistance with obtaining a formalized allocation of parental responsibilities and time for his six-year old Son that lives with Mother. Client and Mother were never married or in a committed relationship with Mother. Client is not listed on Son’s birth certificate, but parentage was established by …

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Case #20-0153383

(Intermediate) ALLOCATION OF PARENTAL RESPONSIBILITIES. The client is the father of a two-year-old daughter with significant medical issues, including a defective heart and developmental delays. Client currently has possession of the child and wants to pursue majority parenting time. The child’s mother is attending law school in Virginia, and client alleges that she is incapable …

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Case #20-0153423

(Simple) DIVORCE – PETITIONER. Client seeks divorce from husband. Couple has two adult children. Client has two minor children with new partner. Parties do not share any assets or debts. Client seeks only divorce from husband.

Case #20-0153759

(Simple) ADOPTION. The potential clients, who are Spanish-speaking, seek to adopt their 13- and 14-year-old granddaughters. The younger child has cerebral palsy, and both children were abandoned by their mother two years ago. Their biological father is expected to consent.

Case #20-0153859

(Simple) CHILD REP. Your clients are a two-year-old girl and a five-year-old boy. Father is struggling to exercise parenting time, and Mother appears to be uncooperative. Father also claims that the children are in danger because Mother’s new boyfriend is engaged in illegal activity. Both parties are pro se.

Case #20-0153862

(Intermediate) DECEDENT ESTATE WITH CLAIM. Client is the sole heir of his deceased mother. She left him her house intestate. The house is paid off, but HFS put a lien against it for the cost of mom’s end-of-life care. Client already opened the estate with another lawyer but ran out of money to pay him. …

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Case #20-0153917

DIVORCE WITH CHILDREN (Advanced): Client (U.S. Air Force Veteran) needs representation in a divorce filed by Wife. Client lives in Chicago, Wife lives in North Carolina with Daughter. The primary issue in the divorce will be which parent is allocated the majority of parenting time and responsibility for the Daughter as the parties cannot come …

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Case #20-0153964

(Intermediate) CHILD REP. Your clients are a 14-year-old boy and 16-year-old girl. The older child has severe mental health diagnoses, including bipolar disorder with psychotic features, major depressive disorder, and ADHD. Having spent three years in a residential treatment facility, she and her brother now live with Mother and have no contact with Father. According …

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Case #20-0153984

(Advanced) BREACH OF CONTRACT / EVICTION: Client (owner) and Adverse Party (tenant) entered into a “rent to buy” agreement for Client’s home in 2011. The agreement was drafted by an attorney and subsequently modified to lower payments in 2013, but the other terms remained in place. Adverse Party has made sporadic payments for the life …

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