Minor Guardianship & GAL

GAL for Minors Training

This training offers licensed attorneys essential skills and potential challenges when serving as pro bono GALs for children through CVLS, requiring no prior experience.

GAL for Minors Training

Debi Martin, Supervising Attorney for the Guardian ad Litem (GAL) for Minors program, will cover the skills required to be a successful GAL for a minor as well as the issues that may come up during the case. This training is for licensed attorneys interested in working as pro bono Guardians ad Litem for children through CVLS. No prior experience is necessary.

Adult Guardian Ad LItem Training

Many tenants with an eviction in their background struggle to find affordable, quality housing. Landlords often refuse to rent to anyone with an eviction filing on their record. These eviction cases are often years old and offer no insight to the quality of the tenant today. A recent amendment to the Eviction Act makes it easier to seal old eviction files.

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