Seminar: An Overview of Mental Health Services for CVLS Clients

Presentation on available mental health services for CVLS clients. Detailed information will be discussed about the most commonly utilized services by referrals, including therapeutic supervised visitation, reunification therapy, co-parenting therapy, individual therapy, and psychological assessments.

The Jaded Lawyer

Recent studies have confirmed that the overwhelming stress that is commonplace in our legal profession disproportionately results in attorneys suffering higher levels of depression, anxiety, addiction, and other serious issues at rates much higher than those seen in the general population. While changing the nature of the legal profession is likely to be a slow process, individuals have the capacity to make small changes that have been scientifically shown to mitigate the negative impact of stress, reducing the likelihood of burnout. Participants in this program will learn:

What Burnout is;
The signs and symptoms of Burnout;
What factors make lawyers particularly vulnerable to Burnout; and
Best practices for prevention of Burnout