Simple Divorce Stays Simple

A client named Silvia came to the clinic, seeking representation in a divorce case. Locke Lord’s Mike Rohan met with Silvia and agreed to represent her. Fortunately the proceedings were amicable, and the parties resolved most issues outside of court.


STEP-BY-STEP VIDEO MANUAL An outline of the instructional videos is listed below. Click on any section to view a short instructional video. All documents described in the training videos can be found in the templates/pleadings section below. Intro to Simple Divorce Preparing to File Petition for Dissolution of Marriage Necessary Documents Fees Filing Service Purpose …

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Allocation Judgments

Undoubtedly you will meet with a client, or uninformed attorney, who is unknowingly using antiquated terms. They may tell you they want sole custody, and that they want to limit or restrict the other parent’s visitation. With amendments to the Illinois Marriage and Dissolution of Marriage Act effective January 1, 2016, we said goodbye to sole custody, joint custody, and visitation and ushered in the era of allocation of significant decision making responsibilities, and allocation of parenting time.

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