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Advanced Adult GAL Training

A panel of experienced GALs and Adult Guardianship judges will cover the skills required to be a successful GAL for advanced adult guardianship cases and the issues that may arise during adult guardianship cases. Panelists will cover tips and tools for acting as GAL in contested adult guardianship matters, settling cases, appearing at trial as a GAL in an adult guardianship matters, and more!

Participation via video is required for this interactive training.

May 5, 2022 @ 2:00 pm 5:00 pm

3.0hr CLE (approx.)


  • Eve Epstein, Epstein and Epstein
  • Kevin Lichtenberg, HeflerLichtenberg
  • Hon. Daniel B. Malone, Presiding Judge, Cook County Probate Division
  • Hon. Daniel R. Degnan, Circuit Judge, Probate Division
  • Hon. Susan Kennedy-Sullivan, Circuit Judge, Probate Division


This training will take place via ZOOM.

Advanced Adult GAL Training - May 5

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