Asylum: Particular Social Groups

The definition of a particular social group remains one of the most complicated topics in asylum law, particularly in light of recent case law and a federal circuit split. This CLE will begin with a brief overview of 7th Circuit case law, and it will include a discussion of gang-related asylum cases, gender-based asylum claims, and victims of domestic violence. It will also include guidance on how to formulate a particular social group in your asylum case.

Decedent’s Estate Training / PCAP

Probate Court Assistance Project Training. This presentation on decedent’s estates is intended for attorneys interested in volunteering in CVLS’ Probate Court Assistance Project (PCAP) in which pro bono practitioners represent low income petitioners in decedent’s estate cases.

PCAP’s champion, Rich Campbell is a partner at Mayer Brown and veteran Probate practitioner. His work with the PCAP program has garnered him CVLS’ coveted Court of Honor Award and the accolades of the Court. Because of his hard work and the success of PCAP we have more cases than expected and need more volunteers in this area..

Asylum Law Demystified

Alén Takhsh will provide an overview of U.S. asylum law, including the provisions under withholding of removal and and withholding/deferral of removal under the U.N. Convention Against Torture. The presentation should serve as an excellent review for experienced practitioners and an introduction for those who are new to the field.

VAWA and Immigration: The Basics

Spouses, children and parents of United States legal permanent residents or citizens may be eligible to apply for lawful status in the United States if they have been the victims of abuse at the hands of their legal permanent resident or citizen spouse, parent or child. This presentation will explain eligibility requirements, bars to eligibility, how to build your case and the path to legal permanent residence in the United States.

Adjustment of Status 101

This discussion will cover the basics of adjustment of status. What it is? Who is eligible? Who is grandfathered under INA 245(i)? Red flags to watch out for! This panel will primarily focus on adjustment of status as it relates to the family-based immigration context.

Guardianship Planning for Immigrant Families

Recent changes to federal immigration policy have created an immediate need for pro bono services for Chicago’s undocumented immigrant population. In this training Rebekah Rashidfarokhi, Director of CVLS’ Guardian ad Litem Program for Minors will go over the options to help undocumented immigrants fearing deportation or detention create safety plans for their families using statutory short-term guardianships. Short-term guardianships do not require a court appearance, take effect upon the occurrence of a specified event such as deportation, and can be executed or revoked at any time.

Not Your Grandma’s Medicaid: Applying for Medicaid

Not Your Grandma’s Medicaid: Applying for Medicaid in 2017. Experienced elder law attorney Matthew Margolis will walk you through helping a client apply for Medicaid. He will discuss all the ins and outs and best practices of this process.

I-751 Immigration Petitions: Removing Conditions of Residence

This CLE will discuss the basics of conditional residence and I-751 petitions to remove conditions, covering both joint filings and waivers for death, divorce, domestic violence, and hardship. It will feature an in-depth discussion of the types of waivers, evidence needed for waivers, and the petition and process.

Consular Processing Overview and Recent Developments

This presentation will provide a high-level overview of Consular Processing for new immigration practitioners, and will touch on recent trends and developments following the November 2016 election. Topics will include:

The role of the Department of State in the immigration process
Non-immigrant visa applications
Immigrant visa applications
Waivers and other considerations
Pitfalls and best practices
Consular Processing in the Trump Administration and emerging trends

Loan Modifications

There have been many changes in the world of mortgage modifications these last few months: some have expired, some have changed, and some are brand-new. Staff Attorney Ian Turnipseed will explain, step-by-step, how a borrower applies for a loan modification and the review process. Ian will also survey the programs that are over and the financial guidelines for the new programs.

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