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CVLS is appointed by the Domestic Relations Court, in low income cases, as a Child Representative or Guardian ad Litem (GAL) for the purpose of representing a child’s best interests. Your client is a child whose parents are engaged in a contested Allocation (custody/parenting time) or Divorce case, whether pre- or post-decree. Pro bono attorneys in these cases investigate the issues, engage in dispute resolution, and advocate for, or recommend, a position to the court.

The Child Rep Program serves to provide these crucial services for parties making a combined income of less than $75,000 who can neither afford their own attorney nor the assistance of a Child Rep or GAL. As a Child Rep, you will have investigative and advocacy powers while maintaining attorney-client privilege and litigation abilities. As Guardian ad Litem, rather than litigate, you will present a report to the Court with recommendations based on your investigation.

To participate in the Child Rep program, volunteers must attend one 2 ½ hour training. CVLS hosts virtual trainings every month. Please mark interest in this opportunity for information on upcoming trainings or see our website.

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