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(Intermediate) Client is 70 years old and had a Housing Choice Voucher
with the Housing Authority of Cook County (“HACC”) for 17 years. In 2020, client’s adult son
moved in with her during his house arrest. HACC then attempted to terminate client from
program, and her son moved out because he did not want his mother to lose her subsidy.
Client’s son then died while he was homeless, and client’s brother also passed away due to
COVID. Client already lives with various mood disorders and fell into deep depression. In a fit of
grief, client wrote to HACC and relinquished her voucher, due to her guilt for not having been
able to house her son. Client has since recovered, however, and asked HACC to reinstate her.
HACC refused and client has now sued in Chancery court for reinstatement. Volunteer would
assist client with compiling and submitting a request for reasonable accommodation
(reinstatement) to HACC. (Case matter ID: 22-0159591)

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