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DIVORCE WITH CHILDREN (Simple) – Client (active duty member of US Army National Guard) seeks a divorce from his Wife. The parties have been married since 2001 but have been separated since roughly 2005. The parties have two children together, one of whom is an adult and the other will turn 18 within the next six months. Wife suffers from severe mental health issues (recently diagnosed with bipolar schizophrenia) which led to Client seeking (and receiving) a pair of protective orders against Wife in 2002. The parties have had sporadic contact in the years since their separation, and Client wants to move on with his life and is now seeking divorce. Despite the tumultuous history, this will be a relatively straightforward case as the parties do not have any joint property or debts and Client simply wants the marriage dissolved. Wife has previously indicated she wants the same and is unlikely to contest (if she participates in the process at all).

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