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(Intermediate) (Administrative Review) Client has a Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher with the Chicago Housing Authority (CHA). She joined a Facebook Group that mentors and advises entrepreneurs and business start-ups. Through the group, client fell prey to a PPP loan scam, in which a scammer offered to apply for a “grant” in her name if client would give the scammer half the grant. Scammer applied for the PPP loan in client’s name, client received the funds ($20,000) and gave $10,000 to Scammer via CashApp. Client kept the other $10,000 and did not report the funds to CHA because she did not believe it was countable income. CHA has since learned of the loan and is proposing termination of client’s voucher for failure to report income. Volunteer would work with client to return the remaining funds to the Small Business Administration, gather all available documentation of the scam, and defend client in administrative proceeding if CHA decides to proceed.

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