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(Intermediate) ALLOCATION OF PARENTING TIME / RESPONSIBILITIES – Client, U.S. Navy veteran, is seeking legal representation in a parental responsibility dispute with her ex-husband (AP) related to their only child together (Son). The original parental arrangements were set by court order in California, but Client now lives in Cook County and AP lives in Washington. AP, who would like to reduce his child support obligation, filed a petition to register a foreign judgment in Cook County after California ceded jurisdiction. AP is also seeking primary custody of Son, despite a recent recommendation from a California-based mediator that Client continue to have primary parenting responsibility. Client wants to maintain the status quo—where she is the custodial parent but Son is able to visit with AP regularly. As a result, she needs legal representation to preserve her ability to raise Son, who has special needs, in the supportive, family-centric atmosphere she has fostered in Chicago.

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