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DIVORCE WITH CHILDREN (Advanced): Client (U.S. Air Force Veteran) needs representation in a divorce filed by Wife. Client lives in Chicago, Wife lives in North Carolina with Daughter. The primary issue in the divorce will be which parent is allocated the majority of parenting time and responsibility for the Daughter as the parties cannot come to an agreement. Wife took advantage of Client’s hospitalization and filed a pro se petition for dissolution in Cook County at the beginning of 2020. Client says Wife filed forged documents with Client’s name on them in order to improperly limit Client’s rights as father of Daughter. Client is seeking primary custody of Daughter, because of (a) Wife’s duplicitous behavior, and (b) concerns that Wife’s new romantic partner in North Carolina is abusing Daughter. Client has been advised that it is more likely that parenting time and responsibility are split evenly. Case was inexplicably filed at the Maywood courthouse, but should be transferred to the Daley Center as Client lives in the City.

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