Years-Long Guardianship Case Resolved through Volunteer’s Persistence

CVLS was appointed as Guardian ad Litem (GAL) for a 77-year-old man named Mr. R. At the time of our appointment, Mr. R. was living independently in his own home, which was in major disrepair. Mr. R has dementia, among several other health issues, and although he had some family members to check in on him from time to time, he had no consistent support network.

One Undergraduate Student Helps Another toward Pathway to Citizenship

CVLS Northwestern intern, Tess wrapped up one of her cases with the supervision of CVLS staff. She did all of the heavy lifting on an SIJS case for Timur Kulik, a 20-year-old college student from Slovakia. Despite a challenging childhood, Timur did incredibly well in high school and received a full-ride scholarship to study biological sciences at the University of Southern California.

Senior Client Fixes Bank Misstep with Help of Clinic Volunteer

Katherine is 83 years old. She pays her monthly cell phone bill by mailing a check for about $100 to her cell phone carrier. One month, Katherine learned that one of her checks had been stolen, altered, and deposited into someone else’s account. This caused a withdrawal of $3,900 on her account.

Neighborly Client Avoids Eviction

Kalvina has lived at the same public housing development since 2013. She’s popular in her community and known by everyone as a good neighbor. In fact, Kalvina spends most of her days caring for an elderly couple who live in the same complex.

What to Know About the Migrant Displacement : Recent Actions by TX, Fl, and AZ Moving Migrants to “Sanctuary Cities”

Chicago has recently seen buses of Central American migrants delivered to Union Station without notice or warning. These people had no idea they were coming here and no idea what they will do now. Other sanctuary cities are getting their own groups sent by Florida and Texas governors. However, beyond the obvious headlines, these migrants come with practical and legal issues and an obvious need for pro bono legal assistance. CVLS Immigration Attorney Massiel Tarango will introduce the issues and discuss some options for possible relief.

Special Immigrant Juvenile Status – How to Obtain a Predicate Order in State Court

Learn about how to obtain a predicate order in state court to provide an undocumented child with a path to citizenship in the United States. Volunteers represent a petitioner in an uncontested guardianship or custody case in Cook and collar counties.

Special Immigrant Juvenile Status (SIJS) was created by Congress to enable undocumented immigrant children who have suffered abuse, neglect, and/or abandonment to acquire lawful permanent residence in the United States when returning to their home country would not be in their best interests. SIJS cases are a great opportunity for volunteer attorneys who are interested in ensuring safety for immigrant children.

CVLS Polish-Language Clinic Provides Free Legal Help to Deserving Client

Through its clinics, CVLS tries to provide access to legal representation to as diverse a client population as possible. It’s important for our pro bono lawyers to meet low-income clients in the neighborhoods and communities in which they reside. Although our clinics are mostly open to all clients, they are often affiliated with different religious …

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Housing Subsidy Saved

CVLS Prevails Against Vindictive Landlord! When she reached out to CVLS, S. had been in a housing voucher program for 15 years without incident. S. was sometimes late on rent, but she always paid in full. She cares for her disabled father as an in-home healthcare aide through the Illinois Department of Human Services (DHS). …

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