COVID-19 Stimulus and Medicaid Eligibility

A big shout out to Matthew Margolis of Margolis Weldon LLC for this helpful information: Stimulus Checks do not count as income for Medicaid beneficiaries or applicants and, therefore, do not disqualify them from Medicaid benefits including nursing home care. However, the money received from stimulus checks should be spent ...
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It’s Who You Know

Friendly Face Represents Grateful Client J. Anthony Clark ("Tony") has been a CVLS volunteer for over 12 years. He handles cases primarily through our clinic at Old St. Mary's (OSM) Catholic Church on the Near South Side. A frequent flyer at the Daley Center, he is a friendly face known ...
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Fellow Spotlight – Mary Hannon

Mary Hannon Summer is finally upon us, and as is tradition, we must introduce our 2021 class of interns and fellows. We've got a good bunch this year, so give them a warm welcome! Starting us off is Mary Hannon, a recent graduate of DePaul University College of Law. She'll ...
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2021 Awardees

2021 Awardees Carina Segalini Court of Honor Carina has helped make the courts accessible to the public during COVID, helping to get Zoom Court running in hundreds of courtrooms in a coherent, unified way, drafting scores of general orders and leaping over countless bureaucratic hurdles. She also navigated similar responsibilities ...
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The Team Grows

New Faces to Help Run Housing and Debt Program In order to deal with the housing and debt crisis caused by COVID-19, the Cook County Legal Aid for Housing and Debt (CCLAHD) initiative was formed. Community partners, such as CVLS, are providing free legal aid, mediation services, and connections to ...
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Board Elections

New Leadership Takes Stage It's that time of year when we hold board elections and welcome a new set of board members, as well as goodbye and thank you to our retiring board members. Congratulations to Nikki Bhargava, Loeb & Loeb, David Chernoff, Elaine Sit, Law Office of Elaine Sit, ...
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Vet’s License on the Line

CVLS Helps With a Fresh Start Glenn served his country in the Navy, but now he was having a hard time. He had very little income, and, when the City suspended his Driver's License for parking tickets he could not afford to pay, he came to CVLS for help. Thanks ...
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Getting to the Facts

The Strength of a GAL A storied volunteer with CVLS, Kevin Hanbury is no stranger to handling complex probate matters. In this case, he was asked to act as Guardian ad Litem (GAL) for a 22-year-old nonverbal adult with autism. The adult's father had filed a petition seeking guardianship, and ...
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14-Year Student Loan Saga

Simple Advice Provides Sizable Relief! Like many young borrowers, Whitney took out student loans that she is now struggling to repay. In Whitney's case, she took out these loans in 2006. Fourteen years later, her debt was sent to a collection agency, and she was sued for more than $8,000. ...
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Adult GAL Stars

It's no secret that CVLS volunteers are the backbone of Chicago Pro Bono. Without their sacrifice and dedication, thousands of people would needlessly suffer without representation. We'd like to recognize our amazing Adult GAL volunteers who have signed up for new cases in the last couple months: Shannon K. Briggs ...
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