Housing Subsidy Saved

CVLS Prevails Against Vindictive Landlord! When she reached out to CVLS, S. had been in a housing voucher program for 15 years without incident. S. was sometimes late on rent, but she always paid in full. She cares for her disabled father as an in-home healthcare aide through the Illinois ...
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Kirkland Team Comes Up Big in Guardianship Case!

Dulce lives at her home with her parents and her disabled adult brother. Along with her father, Dulce is one of the primary breadwinners for the family. Like many children of immigrants, Dulce is counted on to help her entire family make important decisions. When her brother's Deferred Action for ...
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Sidley Adoption Case Comes to Heart-Warming End!

Jeremy and his wife contacted CVLS in early 2022 for help with an adoption case. By that time, Jeremy had spent the last six years helping to take care of his wife's 10-year-old daughter from a different relationship. Jeremy hoped to formalize his relationship to his stepdaughter by filing an ...
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2022 Awardees

2022 Awardees Honorable Daniel B. Malone Court of Honor Read Bio Preview modal- Honorable Daniel B. Malone Court of Honor Award Years ago, CVLS instituted the "Court of Honor" award to thank those in the legal community who support pro bono legal services and help make our legal system accessible ...
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SABA Chicago Recognizes CVLS Board Member with Cornerstone Award

Monique (Nikki) Bhargava), Reed Smith Monique (Nikkie) Bhargava has been awarded a Cornerstone Award, which is given to individuals who exemplify high achievement in the objectives of SABA North American through the promotion of the professional development of the South Asian Legal Community through networking, education, advocacy and mentoring...or encouraging ...
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Clinic Closing its Digital Doors after Need Subsides

After two years, the Lawyers Helping Our Community Legal Clinic will be closing down. Always intended to be temporary, the virtual legal clinic was designed to help Chicago's Asian community deal with legal issues arising from COVID-19. As the chaos surrounding the pandemic subsides, so too has the need for ...
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Kathy Receives Richard O’Malley Pro Bono Achievement Award

Kathy Koester, CVLS' Clinic Coordinator Extraordinaire, was recently presented with the Richard O'Malley Pro Bono Achievement Award by Sidley Austin. The award was to recognize her amazing work supporting their pro bono clinic at the Near West Side Salvation Army. Kristen, Rebekah, Phil and Meg were there to cheer her ...
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Dancing With Fire

Volunteer Favorably Settles Tort Case Christopher is passionate about a unique hobby: fire dancing. He perfects his craft on the weekends and is also the owner of an entertain company that connects fire dancers with restaurants who need performers. Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, Christopher helped schedule a dancer for ...
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Rookie Child Rep Volunteer Helps Settle Contentious Family Law Case

In early 2021, CVLS was appointed as Child Representative for a three-year-old boy in a highly contested custody case. The mother had filed a Petition for Order of Protection, alleging that that father abused alcohol, was violent toward the mother, and threatened to kidnap the child. Both parties were low-income ...
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Legal Research Pays Off

Over $100,000 in Student Loans Forgiven William came to CVLS with an interesting yet troubling problem. About twenty years ago, he co-signed his brother Robert's student loans with the Illinois Student Assistance Commission (ISAC) in order for Robert to attend graduate school. Robert finished school successfully and began paying the ...
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