Car Retrieval Made Possible Through Pro Bono

Judith’s car was impounded after accumulating parking tickets. Wanting to do the right thing, Judith set up a payment plan with the City of Chicago. However, when she eventually tried to retrieve her car, the City refused to let her take it, claiming that she had defaulted on her payment plan.

Attorney Nathan Hakimi met with Judith at CVLS’ Jewish United Fund (JUF) Clinic and agreed to help her get her car back. Nathan negotiated with the City Comptroller on Judith’s behalf and worked out a reasonable resolution. He then personally escorted Judith to the City’s auto pound on a Friday afternoon to retrieve her vehicle!

Although this was relatively straightforward for Nathan, it seemed an insurmountable task to Judith. It’s unlikely she would’ve gotten far on her own, and there are very few attorneys who would offer to help with a case like this. CVLS thanks Nathan for his commitment to helping low-income clients with their legal problems, big and small.

Nathan Hakimi, Volunteer Attorney
Nathan Hakimi, Volunteer Attorney
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