Social Security Success

Senior’s Benefits Reinstated

Ukrainian-born client, Ganna, was notified by the Social Security Administration that her benefits were terminated after a short stay at a long-term care facility following an acute health issue. A senior with a disability and limited English-speaking ability, Ganna needed an experienced attorney in her corner to address the termination of her sole source of income.

Stacey Dembo, a longtime friend and volunteer of CVLS, is an incredible asset when it comes to Social Security cases. Her practice focuses exclusively on these issues, and she is always willing to share her expertise with CVLS  staff and volunteers.

Stacey took Ganna’s case and learned that the SSA had determined Ganna had been  “overpaid” benefits while in the long-term care facility and that her  monthly benefits had to be withheld until the overpayment could be erased. Stacey challenged that decision and got  Ganna’s benefits restored in full. This would have taken Ganna an immense amount of effort to resolve. With Stacey’s help, Ganna was made whole in a fraction of the time.

Client's name changed to protect their identity.
JUF Volunteer, Stacey Dembo
JUF Volunteer, Stacey Dembo
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