DePaul Law Student Navigates International Divorce!

M and her husband were married in Chicago just before the COVID-19 outbreak. Unfortunately, like many couples, their relationship became strained during the pandemic, and the parties separated. Originally from Australia, M’s husband returned to his home country. M needed a divorce.

After CVLS Staff Attorney, Lupe Garcia, who manages our clinical partnership with Erie Neighborhood House (ENH), interviewed M, Samantha Sharland took the case. Sam, who volunteered through our DePaul Family Law Field Clinic and had an SCR 711 license, wasted no time, drafting a Petition for Dissolution of Marriage and Waiver of Service to send to the husband in Australia.

Once she received the waiver, Sam arranged for a hearing and prepared her client to testify in support of the Petition. When the hearing was over, the Court pronounced M officially divorced, and congratulated Sam on a job well done.

Samantha Sharland, DePaul Law ‘24
Samantha Sharland, DePaul Law ‘24
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