CVLS-Supervised 3L Finalizes Divorce for Single Parent!

Maribel is a single mother raising two teenagers in the city of Chicago. She and her husband were married in 2012, but after her husband was deported five years ago, Maribel had to fend for herself as the sole caretaker of her 16 and 17-year-olds.

It was about time for Maribel to be divorced and obtain an order giving her sole decision-making responsibilities over her children. Unable to navigate the process alone, Maribel reached out to CVLS for representation. Through our partnership with DePaul University College of Law, this case was placed with third-year law student, Bridget O’Byrne.

Under our supervision, Bridget represented Maribel throughout the entire divorce process. She filed Maribel’s case, had her husband served, and prepared the final divorce judgment and parenting plan. Thanks to her SCR 711 license,  Bridget was able to appear on several court dates and  complete Maribel’s case. Excellent work, Bridget!

Bridget O’Byrne, DePaul Law ‘24
Bridget O’Byrne, DePaul Law ‘24
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