Two-Year Divorce Comes to a Close Thanks to ArentFox Schiff Volunteer

Alex Becker agreed to represent Christine in her complex divorce case as a first-year associate in 2021. Little did Alex know his advocacy would span two years until the case was finalized in December 2023.

Christine is the primary caretaker of four minor children. Her goal in the divorce was to secure financial stability for herself and her young family members. Alex litigated opposite Christine’s husband, a self-represented litigant. He pursued discovery and issued subpoenas for financial and retirement account information. Through the use of empathy and plenty of patience, Alex negotiated with the husband and settled all of the contested issues.

The case was recently resolved with an award of child support, division of property and retirement accounts, and a suitable parenting plan for the parties’ four children. Christine was very satisfied with the outcome and glad to be putting this emotionally taxing part of her life behind her.

Alex Becker, Associate, ArentFox Schiff LLP
Alex Becker, Associate, ArentFox Schiff LLP
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