Volunteer Achieves Quick Settlement!

Post-Decree Divorce Case Resolved with GAL’s Help

Family law cases can be messy and complicated. It takes empathy and patience to resolve interpersonal conflicts between parents. That’s why CVLS is so thankful to have volunteers like Katie Wishnew willing to jump in the middle of divorce cases to represent the most vulnerable party, the minor child.

In March 2023, CVLS was appointed as the Guardian ad Litem for a teenage girl named L. The 16-year-old’s parents were divorced in 2010. At the time, L. lived with her mother and saw her father sporadically as he was an actively deployed as part of his military service.

After her father’s return from active-duty service, L. began to develop a closer relationship with him and began to spend more time at his home. The parties returned to Court in 2022 when L.’s father wanted to change their parenting plan and sought majority parenting time of L.

CVLS placed this place with Katie who began her investigation. She learned that L. was spending most weekdays at her father’s home and that her father was actively involved in her educational and extracurricular activities. Katie helped the parties reach a full agreement as to all the issues in their case, which benefits both the family and an overtaxed court system. Well done, Katie!

Katie E. Wishnew, O'Connor Family Law
Katie E. Wishnew, O'Connor Family Law
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