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Clinic Volunteers Team Up to Negotiate Home Repair Debt

In April 2023, Valorie’s basement flooded. She did what any responsible homeowner would do – she hired a company to help with the water damage. Valorie entered into a contract with the company, and they started by getting rid of the excess water from her basement. After two days of work, however, the contractors stopped and neglected to make several important repairs that they agreed to do under the contract.

Despite not living up to their end of the bargain, the company demanded nearly $6,000 from Valorie. When Valorie refused to pay because the work wasn’t complete, the company escalated the matter to a debt collection agency. Valorie was receiving constant calls from the debt collection agency and didn’t know what to do. Thankfully, Valorie paid a visit to the CVLS Clinic at Old St. Mary’s Church and met with volunteer Amy Jo (A.J.) Conroy.

A.J. agreed to negotiate with the contractor on Valorie’s behalf, but having limited knowledge about debt collection law, she needed some support. Our clinic coordinator, Kathy Koester, put A.J. in touch with Steve Uhrich, a volunteer with our Debt Collection and Credit Protection Clinic. With Steve’s help, A.J. was able to cut Valorie’s obligation by half and protect her credit from being impacted. This was truly a team effort from two CVLS clinic volunteers with Kathy as the vital middle-woman!

Amy Jo Conroy, Esq.
OSM Clinic
Amy Jo Conroy, Esq. OSM Clinic
Steven J. Uhrich, Debt Collection Clinic
Steven J. Uhrich, Debt Collection Clinic
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