Volunteer GAL Works to Preserve Safety and Autonomy of Adult with Disability

Kevin Lichtenberg, Hefler Lichtenberg LLC
Kevin Lichtenberg, Hefler Lichtenberg LLC

When Adult Protective Services (APS) alerted the Probate Court to the abuse of an adult with a disability, the Judge appointed CVLS as Guardian ad Litem (GAL) to investigate. APS was concerned that Ms. M., an adult with an intellectual disability and other diagnosed mental health issues, was being physically abused by someone at her home. Ms. M. is unable to live on her own but very clearly needed somewhere else to live.

CVLS placed the case with experienced volunteer and probate practitioner, Kevin Lichtenberg. Kevin investigated the issues and the parties, and after working with the family for over a year, was able to find a residential placement for Ms. M. at a group home. A group placement was ideal because it would allow Ms. M.’s current guardian, the adult best suited to making decisions for Ms. M., rather than a less-invested state agency, to keep making decisions for her.

Placement in a such a facility also allows Ms. M. additional autonomy and better care outside of the home. Thanks to Kevin, Ms. M. is now in a safe environment with her rights and independence protected. Many thanks to Kevin for his hard work on this case!

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