2022/2023 DePaul Family Law Clinic Highlights

CVLS attorneys Phil Mohr and Rob Zielinski partner with the DePaul University College of Law to teach a yearlong legal clinic focused on the direct representation of low-income family law clients. Phil and Rob had seven students this year, who handled nearly 30 divorce, custody, and adoption cases.

Here are just some of the highlights:

  • Zoe Lemon (’23) represented the wife in a divorce case. The parties had two children, ages six and seven. Zoe sought and obtained a divorce, custody of the children for the client, and reasonable child support.
  • Madeline Penn (’24) took on the case of a husband who had been separated from his wife for over a decade and had no knowledge of his spouse’s whereabouts. Madeline helped the client file for divorce, serve the wife by publication, and finalize his case.
  • Eli Stone (’24) defended a wife whose husband had filed for divorce. She negotiated an agreed order, tackling some complex tax liability issues.
  • Cori Bills (’23) represented a senior who sought to dissolve her marriage to her husband. The case was finalized to the satisfaction of the client.
  • Nick Duke (’23) handled two adoption cases from initial filing and put both families on the path to a final resolution.
  • Nell Brennan (’24) took on multiple contested family law cases and has agreed to continue representation of her clients into the summer.
  • Alison Morales (’24) assisted with all of our Spanish-speaking clients and will be returning to CVLS this summer to finalize her cases.

Thank you to all of our DePaul law students, and congratulations to those who graduate this month!

Phil Mohr, Deputy Director
Phil Mohr, Deputy Director
Rob Zielinski, Supervising Attorney, Child Rep
Rob Zielinski, Supervising Attorney, Child Rep
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