The Power of Pro Bono Legal Work

In 2021, Catherine turned to CVLS for help probating her mother's estate, but the case was more complex than it first seemed. Her mother had died in 2019, leaving behind a home where Catherine was living, but since the house was not in her name, she couldn't apply for tax exemptions to lower her property tax bill. It seemed like a hopeless situation, but that's where PCAP Volunteer Jennifer Wu stepped in.

Jennifer not only assisted Catherine with probating her mother's estate and transferring the home into her name but also went the extra mile by helping her apply for tax exemptions for upcoming years and even retroactively lowering previous years' taxes. Thanks to Jennifer's hard work and dedication, Catherine was able to stay in her home and save over $1000 in property tax bills. This was a true win for the client and a testament to the power of pro bono legal work.

Jennnifer Wu, Law Office of Jennifer Wu
Jennnifer Wu, Law Office of Jennifer Wu
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