How One Attorney’s Persistence Won the U Visa Battle

CVLS Immigration staff attorney, Massiel Tarango, went above and beyond to help her client obtain a U Visa certification. When the police department was hesitant to furnish the certification, Massiel reached out to the Deputy Chief to explain the basics of U Visa certification, the role of the law enforcement agency, and the client's eligibility. She also provided relevant USCIS Law Enforcement Guide sections and discussed them in detail with the Deputy Chief.

Thanks to Massiel's unwavering efforts, the Department ultimately issued a signed U Visa Certification, which allowed the staff attorney to initiate U Visa petition cases for the client and her spouse. This certification is an essential component of the U Visa process, as it confirms that the client has been helpful in the investigation of a qualifying crime, and that the crime has been reported to the proper authorities. With Massiel's assistance, the client can now begin the process of obtaining legal status and starting a new chapter in their life.

Massiel's dedication to her client and extensive knowledge of immigration law exemplify the core values of the CVLS team. Her efforts not only secured U Visa certification for her client but also helped them to navigate the complex immigration system. CVLS is proud to have Massiel on our team and grateful for her hard work and dedication to our clients' rights.

Massiel Tarango, Immigration Staff Attorney
Massiel Tarango, Immigration Staff Attorney
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