Storage Unit Struggles

Client Made Whole After Volunteer Intervenes

In 2018, Patricia started renting a storage unit. The contract obligated Patricia to make monthly payments in exchange for using the unit, and she paid extra for an insurance policy to protect her stored belongings. She paid rent consistently and on-time, using the storage unit to store things like furniture, clothing, and other personal items.

In December 2021, Patricia paid a visit to her storage unit to find that almost all of her possessions were ruined by mold, water, and rodent damage. She estimated that she lost about $3,000 due to the damage. When Patricia contacted the insurance policy to make herself whole, they offered her a paltry $250.

Outraged by the offer and unable to press the matter further on her own, Patricia met with volunteers at our Old St. Mary’s Clinic. Pro bono attorney Amy Jo Conroy agreed to help Patricia. She drafted letters on Patricia’s behalf and threatened suit.

The company eventually reached out to Patricia and offered her a settlement payment of $2,720. While this money doesn’t replace Patricia’s belongings, it offers her fair reimbursement for the damage. Amy Jo’s representation evened the playing field against a company clearly trying to take advantage.

Amy Jo Conroy, Esq.
OSM Clinic
Amy Jo Conroy, Esq. OSM Clinic
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