Amicus Poloniae Client Receives Fresh Start through Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy offers a fresh start to clients who are overwhelmed by their debts. There are several options for bankruptcy, each with different filing requirements and legal ramifications. An attorney is recommended, but many people cannot afford to pay an attorney if they are already struggling to pay their bills.

Klaudia came to the Amicus Poloniae Legal Clinic at CVLS, hoping for debt relief. She met with experienced banktupcy attorney and CVLS volunteer, Michal Fus. Michal took Klaudia’s case pro bono, meaning that she did not have to pay any attorney fees. He prepared Klaudia’s petition, submitted all of the necessary documents, and saw the case through to the end.

The end result was that Klaudia had about $51,000 of debt discharged. Thanks to Michal’s help, she  finally has much-needed room to breathe and a renewed ability to get back on track with her finances.

Michal Fus, Esq.
Chicago Legal Solutions LLP
Michal Fus, Esq. Chicago Legal Solutions LLP
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