Sidley Adoption Case Comes to Heart-Warming End!

Jeremy and his wife contacted CVLS in early 2022 for help with an adoption case. By that time, Jeremy had spent the last six years helping to take care of his wife’s 10-year-old daughter from a different relationship. Jeremy hoped to formalize his relationship to his stepdaughter by filing an adoption case and becoming her adoptive father.

Our Salvation Army clinic through Sidley Austin LLP interviewed Jeremy and his wife for possible representation. Sidley Associate Mary Hannon (and former CVLS PILI Fellow!) thought Jeremy had a great case and decided to represent him. Adoption cases can be document-intensive, especially early on, but Mary rose to the challenge. She filed the clients’ initial documents, appeared in court, and facilitated the consent of the biological father.

After working with the Guardian ad Litem to ensure that adoption was in the child’s best interests, Mary finalized Jeremy’s case. In August 2022, an Adoption Judgment was entered, granting Jeremy’s request to be acknowledged as the child’s adoptive parent.  Both Mary and the clients were happy and excited to have shared in this important moment for the family.

Mary Hannon, Associate, Sidley Austin LLP
Mary Hannon, Associate, Sidley Austin LLP
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