CVLS Polish-Language Clinic Provides Free Legal Help to Deserving Client

Through its clinics, CVLS tries to provide access to legal representation to as diverse a client population as possible. It’s important for our pro bono lawyers to meet low-income clients in the neighborhoods and communities in which they reside.

Although our clinics are mostly open to all clients, they are often affiliated with different religious and cultural social services organizations. They also try to connect clients with lawyers who share the same language abilities. M.’s story shows how addressing language barriers can increase access to justice.

M. had a simple legal problem. He wanted to authorize his adult daughter to make decisions regarding his retirement account, but his inability to access resources in English made it difficult for him to tap into free legal help. His lack of financial resources prevented him from hiring a private attorney.

Thankfully, Amicus Poloniae Free Legal Clinic was there to provide M. with Polish-speaking attorneys that could offer advice and legal assistance. Volunteer Marek Loza drafted the appropriate Power of Attorney documents for M., solving his problem quickly, efficiently, and at no cost.

Marek Loza, Loza Law LLC
Marek Loza, Loza Law LLC
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