Dancing With Fire

Volunteer Favorably Settles Tort Case

Christopher is passionate about a unique hobby: fire dancing. He perfects his craft on the weekends and is also the owner of an entertain company that connects fire dancers with restaurants who need performers.

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, Christopher helped schedule a dancer for a performance. Unfortunately, the performer’s clothes caught fire during the dance, and he was severely burnt. Christopher was later served with a lawsuit, claiming that he was negligent in training the dancer and provided him with inappropriate clothing for the performance.

CVLS volunteer Adam Ingber agreed to represent Christopher. He learned, through interviews with the client and witnesses, that the injured dancer was running late to the venue, neglected recommended safety protocols, and carelessly set his leggings on fire. Christopher had liability coverage under a business policy, but the insurer denied coverage. The restaurant that hired the dancer also did not have any insurance.

After plenty of back and forth with both the insurance company and the adverse party, Adam was able to negotiate a settlement favorable to Christopher along with a dismissal of the lawsuit. Thanks to Adam, Christopher’s liability was minimized, and he can continue pursuing his hobby and livelihood.

Adam Ingber, Law Offices of Adam David Ingber, P.C.
Adam Ingber, Law Offices of Adam David Ingber, P.C.
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