Pro Bono Bond Project Needs Volunteers

Bond Hearing

Legal representation often determines whether an immigrant remains safely in the United States or is deported without ever having any legal counsel. Additionally, whether or not an immigrant is detained during removal proceedings greatly affects the outcome of their immigration case. While an immigrant can legally have an attorney represent him or her at any point in proceedings, representation cannot be at government expense. Statistically, only 14% of detained immigrants are able to obtain representation.

The AILA/CVLS Pro Bono Bond Project finds attorneys to represent detained immigrants that are unable to afford an attorney at their bond hearing. This project is for the limited representation of the detained immigrant at their bond hearing, but this limited representation is extremely helpful for the ultimate outcome of their removal proceedings. You do not have to be an immigration expert to make a difference! The Project provides initial training, as well as a helpful guide that includes a list of mentors who you can reach out to for case specific questions.

If interested, please contact us today to sign up for the next training. Email us at

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