Adult GAL Stars

It’s no secret that CVLS volunteers are the backbone of Chicago Pro Bono. Without their sacrifice and dedication, thousands of people would needlessly suffer without representation.

We’d like to recognize our amazing Adult GAL volunteers who have signed up for new cases in the last couple months:

Adam M. Stern: 2
Alicia Petersen: 1
Amy N. Gjesdahl: 1
Amy S. Finn: 1
Andrew M. Barrios: 2
Brian M. Bentrup: 1
Caroline O. Shoenberger: 3
Damon W. Doucet: 1

David A. Zulkey: 1
Debra S. Davy: 1
Donna M. Van Polen: 1
Elizabeth M. Fink: 1
Ericka F. Coners: 1
Hayley M. Pieper: 1
Hugh F. Smart: 2
Jesse A. Footlik: 1

Kevin C. Lichtenberg: 1
Marcos A. Resendiz: 1
Matthew W. McQuiston: 1
Nola C. Pieper: 1
Raveet Phull: 2
Robert J. Hovey: 2
Ruben M. Garcia: 1
Sachin Saparia: 1

Thanks to caring advocates like these, Chicago Pro Bono is having a big impact in 2021.

Adult GAL
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