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Schiff Hardin and Howard Area Community Center Partner to Support Single Mother in Divorce

CVLS operates over two dozen neighborhood clinics throughout the Chicagoland area. Some operate out of the main CVLS downtown office, but most can be found at religious and cultural points of interest in our clients’ communities. Our clinic with Schiff Hardin LLP, for example, is housed at the Howard Area Community Center and is run entirely by their firm. Volunteer attorneys from Schiff meet with clients every second Tuesday of the month and provide much-needed legal advice and representation.

Yvette approached the Schiff clinic for representation in a divorce case. Her eight-year marriage to her husband had broken down, and she needed to address the issues of child support, parental responsibilities, and parenting time. Yvette and her husband had two children together who, at the time of divorce, were still adolescents. After hearing Yvette’s story during the intake process, Kyle J. Jacob, an Associate at Schiff, took on her case to help establish a parenting plan and child support order.

Kyle finalized Yvette’s divorce just before the start of the pandemic. He negotiated with Yvette’s husband, and the parties came to agreement regarding parenting issues and support for the minor children. Yvette was pleased and able to provide for her son and daughter. Had Yvette paid for a lawyer, she would have been out thousands of dollars. Thanks to Kyle, our Schiff Clinic, and all of our neighborhood clinics, clients like Yvette can access expert legal services at no cost.

Kyle J. Jacob, Associate, Schiff Hardin LLP
Kyle J. Jacob, Associate, Schiff Hardin LLP
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