Another Remote Success

Pandemic-Era Guardianship Case Resolved

Spanish-speaking clients, Adolfo and Guadalupe, sought guardianship of their daughter. They are the parents of an adult with an intellectual disability who cannot make personal and financial decisions for herself. The clients needed guardianship in order to care for and make decisions on her behalf.

Adolfo and Guadalupe went to our CVLS neighborhood clinic at Old St. Mary's (OSM) Catholic Church to seek pro bono legal representation. There they were matched with experienced attorney, Barbara Mallon, who handled their guardianship from start to finish. She filed the initial petition, arranged for service, and drafted all essential court documents. Barbara also helped the clients obtain a correct and timely physician’s report (referred to as a “CCP-211”), which took four tries!

Despite a postponed Zoom court hearing, an order was ultimately entered naming our clients as the guardians of their daughter. What might have caused Adolfo and Guadalupe considerable time and effort was handled efficiently and expertly by their volunteer attorney. Well done, Barbara.

Barbara Mallon, Principal, Mallon & Johnson
Barbara Mallon, Principal, Mallon & Johnson
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