It’s Who You Know

Friendly Face Represents Grateful Client

J. Anthony Clark (“Tony”) has been a CVLS volunteer for over 12 years. He handles cases primarily through our clinic at Old St. Mary's (OSM) Catholic Church on the Near South Side. A frequent flyer at the Daley Center, he is a friendly face known by most domestic relations practitioners and court staff.

A self-represented litigant named L. was at the courthouse recently, trying to get a divorce from her husband. She was in an urgent end-of-life health situation and needed a divorce. Her spouse had been abusive to her throughout the marriage, and she sought the ability to remove him as the beneficiary of her pension and life insurance in place of other family members.

The employees at the Cook County Clerk’s Office witnessed L.’s struggle, and they referred her to Tony for representation. Tony, realizing that L. was of limited means, agreed to take her case through CVLS via the OSM Clinic.

Unfortunately for L., her divorce case came to a halt due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, after her husband was finally served and the courts re-opened, Tony was able to finalize her divorce and obtain the necessary relief.

L. was extremely grateful to have completed her case with Tony’s help. CVLS is proud to have volunteers like Tony who are well-known, respected in their communities, and willing to help those less fortunate.

J. Anthony Clark ("Tony")
J. Anthony Clark ("Tony")
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