CVLS’ new pro bono program pairs decedent’s estate attorneys with pro se parties in Cook County’s Probate Court.

Probate Court Assistance Program (PCAP) volunteers provide pro bono representation to low-income individuals referred by Probate Judges and screened by CVLS. Clients include people who filed a decedent’s estate but can’t proceed on their own and clients who don’t know what to do when a relative dies owning a home. Volunteers litigate estate cases or find extra-judicial solutions to marshal family assets, saving time and headaches for the clients and the court.


We are currently looking for new volunteers!

We provide

  • Online training materials, sample pleadings and forms
  • Screened cases
  • Online research
  • Malpractice Insurance coverage
  • Free accredited live, webcast and on-demand CLE seminars
  • Access to our online case management system
  • Unlimited access to CVLS' Loop office, including workspace with a computer and telephone, docketing, clerking and reception*

*COVID19 restrictions currently in place. Appointment required for onsite access.

  • One-on-one personal help from CVLS' experience staff attorneys
  • Immediate client contact and courtroom experience in a safe, controlled setting
  • An opportunity to learn new skills and master new case types
  • The GOOD FEELING that comes from helping those in need

Contact Lisa Murphy at for more information on volunteering.

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