The Team Grows

New Faces to Help Run Housing and Debt Program

In order to deal with the housing and debt crisis caused by COVID-19, the Cook County Legal Aid for Housing and Debt (CCLAHD) initiative was formed. Community partners, such as CVLS, are providing free legal aid, mediation services, and connections to other resources through a CCLAHD project called the Early Resolution Program (ERP). As eviction and other debt cases start to make their way through the court system, demand for these services is skyrocketing.

CVLS is ready for the challenge thanks to a team of new advocates who have joined our ranks. We are glad to welcome Hasan Siddiqui, Lauren Cherney, Greg Anger, Seth McCormick, and Terra Gross to the family.

Hasan, Lauren, Greg and Terra will be working with CVLS’ Marty Cozzola representing low-income landlords in eviction cases through ERP. Meanwhile, Seth and CVLS’ Matt Hulstein will be tackling foreclosure mediation cases.

Seth previously worked with CVLS through the Justice Entrepreneurs Project (JEP), a Chicago Bar Foundation program that helps lawyers start innovative, socially conscious law practices serving low and middle income Chicagoans. Luckily, we were able to convince him to stick around a little longer to help us out. Terra is currently with us through the JEP program.

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