Condominium Miscommunication

Pro Bono Attorney Resolves Parking Space Dispute

Ms. R. has owned and lived with her school-aged daughter in her Rogers Park one-bedroom condominium for over two years . . For the past year, Ms. R. noticed poor water drainage near her designated parking space at the building. Water accumulated on and near her parking space, freezing and causing dangerous, icy conditions. Last winter, her young daughter slipped and hurt herself.

Concerned for her and her daughter’s safety , Ms. R. contacted to the condo association. They said it would cost her over $1,000 to have the problem fixed. Ms. R. already pays association dues of $238 per month and could not afford to pay more toward the repair of this issue, which she rightfully felt was the responsibility of the condo association. Ms. R. reached out to the City of Chicago for dispute resolution without success.

Ms. R. decided to contact the CVLS South Asian Legal Clinic for legal advice. Volunteer attorney Furqan Mohammed agreed to talk to the association on her behalf to reach a resolution. He bridged the communication gap between Ms. R. and the association, confirming that the parking lot would be rebuilt this summer to the client’s satisfaction.

Furqan also negotiated a unique, temporary solution: This winter, Ms. R. will switch parking spaces with the association president.

Furqan Mohammed, Mohammed, Shamaileh & Tabahi, LLC
Furqan Mohammed, Mohammed, Shamaileh & Tabahi, LLC
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