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CVLS Junior Board Member Wins Housing Voucher Case!

In November 2017, Eunice was in a car accident that injured her shoulder and caused a blood clot in her lungs. Just days before the accident, Eunice’s daughter had signed a lease for her own apartment in Indiana under a different housing assistance program. However, because the accident left Eunice disabled and in need of care, her daughter returned to Chicago to care for her mom.

When the HACC learned in March 2018 that Eunice’s daughter had signed the lease in Indiana, they notified Eunice that she would be terminated from her program. They HACC claimed that Eunice failed to inform them that her daughter was no longer living with her and that family members cannot receive multiple forms of housing assistance at the same time.

Eunice asked for and received a hearing but lost. She petitioned for judicial review and this time, she had help--trusted volunteer and Junior Board member, Colton Long.

Colton successfully argued that Eunice did not misrepresent the members of her household and did not intentionally violate any HACC policies. After a contentious virtual Zoom hearing, the Court found that the HACC did not have the evidence to support termination from the program

Colton’s representation provided Eunice with high-quality, free access to justice. Her housing assistance is now secure thanks to Colton’s commitment to pro bono.

Colton Long, Baker & McKenzie LLP
Colton Long, Baker & McKenzie LLP
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