Each piece listed below was produced by a local Chicago artist and is available for sale. 20% of each purchase will be donated directly to CVLS' efforts to provide high quality Chicago Pro Bono to families in need. Unless otherwise specified, pickup/delivery of artwork is to be arranged between the artist and buyer after purchase.

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A collaboration between Steve Sager and Howard Kanter.


Aryn Evans

ARYN EVANS is a lawyer and artist based in southwest Chicago. Admiring artists like Frida Kahlo, Jackson Pollock, and Henri Matisse, she loves bold colors and making a mess. Through her work, she hopes to spread positivity and appreciation for life and nature—the ultimate muse. She is constantly inspired by the natural beauty of the earth and all of its wildlife, colors, shapes and details. She believes making art is a celebration of being alive!


Xoe Fiss

Xoe Fiss is a museum educator and artist living in Sheboygan, Wisconsin.


Howard Kanter

Acrylic and Oil Paintings



A variety of framed paintings created for this year's Vino + Van Gogh event.

Maria Laureno

All pieces are framed watercolor 8x10 prints. $50 each.

Miguel Malagon

Miguel is a Chicago based painter working in a variety of mediums, including oils, pastel, and watercolor. Having recieved his formal training at the American Academy of Art, he can often be seen painting in the streets of Chicago and it's suburbs. His work reflects scenes of light filled color.


Chava Mancera

An autodidact of the disciplines of photography and both abstract and color field painting, Salvador “Chava” Mancera draws influence from synesthetic experience, daily living, and natural abundance.


Paul Mezinskas

Paul Mez is a Chicago born and raised artist specializing in Visionary Art. Visionary Art aims to translate the mystical spiritual experience into transformative and uplifting art.


Mary Qian

Qian’s love of painting shines through in her figurative canvases, which present seemingly unposed subjects that somehow feel vibrantly alive. “My best paintings happen when the model is taking a break or even taking a nap,” the artist explains. “For me, it’s about capturing the human spirit, not just addressing the technical side of painting.”


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