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We understand that this is a difficult time for many people in our city and across the country, and especially for Asian Americans and visitors who experience unique challenges. In addition to constantly worry about their health, Asian American communities have also been targeted by racism and xenophobia related to the coronavirus. They are spat on, yelled at, physically attacked, and their stores are robbed and burned down, all because of being Asian.

2020年是特殊的一年,艰难的一年 - 我们共同经历了疫情的苦难和种族歧视的伤害。我们华裔社区在种族权益和新冠疫情的的战斗中更是面临了特殊的挑战:我们受到歧视,受到伤害,受到不公对待,但是我们华裔从不放弃永不言败。

However, due to language barriers and lack of connections, these people are unable to find help with their civil legal matters. This remote legal clinic consists of a group of compassionate lawyers, law students, and other folks who would like to help vulnerable people in our communities and get their voices heard amid this difficult time.

由于各种语言和社会资源的障碍,我们华裔经常缺乏适当的资源来了解我们的法律权益,去解决业务中和生活中的法律问题 - 不用再担心害怕,我们来了!我们是一群生活在芝加哥的律师,法学院学生和热心的专业人士 - 在这个特殊时期,我们希望帮助华裔社区的每一个人让大家更团结!

Together, we will get through this!


If you are small business owners or individuals who are negatively impacted by the pandemic, we hope to offer help in the following legal service areas:


  • 中小企业联邦贷款项目咨询
    SBA/PPP Loan
  •  现有贷款偿还宽限,违约及修订
    Mortgage Forbearance/Forgiveness/Default/Amendment
  • 地产, 租金宽限, 租约修订, 违约通知及驱逐
    Real Estate (Rent Deferrals/Lease Amendment/Eviction)
  • 咨询保险,劳务纠纷
    Insurance Issue, Labor Termination Issue
  • 由于疫情所造成的移民, 签证相关困难
    Immigration Issues
  • 特殊时期种族仇恨犯罪及受伤
    Personal Injury/Hate Crimes
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