CVLS Updates Mission Statement

A New Statement for a new age

or 56 years, CVLS has been proud to serve our community by providing high quality legal representation to those who would otherwise be unable to pay for it. First, we started in church basements. Not long after, we expanded to community centers, and eventually with a permanent administrative office. Now in the age of COVID-19, we have added ZOOM and other remote services to our ways we interact with our clients. With each expansion, our impact has grown, and we’ve been able to protect tens of thousands of families from being taken advantage of by a lopsided legal system. One thing that never changed was our commitment to those we serve.

In May, our board of directors voted to adopt a new mission statement that clarifies our core goal in this new age. We are proud to share it with you now.

CVLS Mobilizes Chicago’s Legal Community to Deliver Traditional Representation and Innovative Legal Solutions to People Working or Living in Poverty. We are Chicago Pro Bono

Thank you to our supporters and volunteers for your friendship and work towards legal equality in Chicago these many decades.

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