Trusted Guardian ad Litem Pulls Through Again


If you’ve read our newsletter before, you’ve heard the name, David Gotzh. A longtime volunteer, CVLS award-winner, and Guardian ad Litem for minor children, David handles some of our most challenging cases. His most recent Domestic Relations Child Representative assignment was no exception.

CVLS was appointed to represent a six-year-old girl whose parents were locked in a contentious custody case. The mother had wrongfully relocated with the child without notice to or consent from the father. The Court requested that CVLS investigate and provide additional information, so David took the case as the child’s GAL and advocated for her best interests.

After a lengthy court hearing in which David presented his report and recommendations, it was revealed that the mother was living with a dangerous individual who posed a serious risk to the child – a fact the mother had hidden from the judge and the GAL. The Court immediately ordered the child transferred from mother to father.

The mother, who had consistently disobeyed orders throughout the case, refused to turn over the child. David worked with local law enforcement to peacefully diffuse the toxic situation. The young girl is now living with her father and is properly enrolled in school.

David’s calm demeanor and comprehensive approach resulted in a final order that protects the child and ensures her safety. Without his involvement, this case could have ended much differently.

"David is one of the most hard-working, diligent, thorough and dedicated pro bono attorneys I’ve ever met. He has handled some of the hardest GAL cases CVLS has ever seen, including multiple appeals involving hundreds of pro bono hours, without batting an eye. His attention to detail and commitment to pro bono is truly exceptional.”

Rebekah Rashidfarokhi, Director, Guardian ad Litem Program for Minors

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