Eviction Made Fiction! Big Firm Attorney Cures Client Affliction

Candace had been living in the same apartment since 2010. In 2019, her landlord increased her rent to an amount she couldn’t afford. By the time Candace made the decision to move out, it was too late. She had been served with an eviction notice for nonpayment of rent.

Ann Pille of Reed Smith LLP met with Candace at CVLS’ Public Interest Law Initiative (PILI) community-based clinic at Legal Prep Charter Academy. Candace did not dispute that she had failed to pay rent; she just needed some time to find a new place to live. Ann agreed that this was a reasonable goal and made the decision to represent Candace in her case.

Ann and her team were able to meet and exceed Candace’s expectations. The eviction was dismissed with prejudice. Not only did Candace get time to move to a new apartment, Ann was able to get the landlord to release Candace from any liability for unpaid rent beyond the security deposit.

The record for the eviction has been sealed, meaning it won’t show up if future landlords look for prior evictions on Candace’s record. Ann was able to ensure the best result for Candace now and in the future, at no cost to the client.

Ann Pille, Partner, Reed Smith LLP
Ann Pille, Partner, Reed Smith LLP
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