CVLS Volunteer Turns Love Story into Immigration Success Story!

Many years ago, D. entered the United States on a tourist visa from Colombia. While he didn’t intend to stay so long, his plans changed when he met and married the love of his life, his husband M.

D. recently came to CVLS’ American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA) Clinic to find out if he could apply for legal status based on his marriage to M., a U.S. Citizen.

AILA volunteer Lindsay Wunrow met with D. and assessed his case. She determined that D. was eligible to get his green card through a process called adjustment of status. Lindsay completed and filed D’s paperwork, counseled and prepared D. for an interview, and made him an appointment to meet with the immigration authorities.

D.’s interview took place a few weeks ago and couldn’t have gone any better. The immigration officer sensed the true nature of the couple’s relationship and said she would approve their case. With Lindsay’s help, D. now has a green card, meaning he can lawfully reside and work in the United States.

But more importantly – D. can finally travel internationally, which the couple is very excited to do. D. can see his family again, and M. can finally meet his in-laws in Colombia!

Lindsay Wunrow, Founding Partner, Valdez Vilim & Wunrow, LLP
Lindsay Wunrow, Founding Partner, Valdez Vilim & Wunrow, LLP
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