Reverse Mortgage Litigation

CVLS has seen a drastic increase in foreclosures concerning a reverse mortgage. We’ve seen cases involving mortgage scams, phony defaults, and a variety of servicing abuses. In this training, Staff Attorney Gabriel Borges and JMLS Law Professor Dennis Smith will review the basics of reverse mortgages, types of loan defaults, loss mitigation options, and potential claims and defenses.

Preparing Hardship Cases

This presentation will focus on the nuts and bolts of putting together hardship cases for waivers and other immigration cases that require a showing of hardship to qualifying relatives, such as waivers for unlawful presence or criminal convictions, and non-LPR cancellation of removal. The focus will be less on the underlying legal situation and more on the factual elements of what constitutes hardship and how to work with clients and their families to identify and document hardships after the need and eligibility for a hardship waiver has been established.

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